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Ikea Case Study Analysis Essay Example for Free

Ikea Case Study Analysis Essay Symptoms IKEA has a strong international brand recognition built upon a unique philosophy and low product prices, combined with solid sales performance. IKEA’ s famous vision is â€Å"to create a better everyday life for many people†. The company maintains total control of its design, pricing and supply of product ranges globally, and thus has a product portfolio that caters for most consumer lifestyles and budgets. IKEA is very much reliant on Europe, with 82% of stores located in this region, European market can be regarded as saturated and in times of economical downturn sales in coming years will are unlikely to be something more than just â€Å"modest†. Problem definition Whether to continue IKEA expansion to new markets, e.g. Asian market? And how to secure IKEA’s competitive advantage in the future? Alternatives First alternative: In order to keep good quality standards of IKEA products, no further extension to new markets in the nearest future + It will give an opportunity to preserve well-known global brand and its strong position at European and American market The company will lose market share The sales will reduce Second alternative: Continue expansion into non-Western markets, including China + Sales increase by gaining the market -The image of IKEA may be weakened as in China it may be very hard to keep with quality standards at the same time offering products for extremely low price Recommendations I would recommend to focus more on markets, where IKEA is currently doing its business. Expansion to China’s market with very tough conditions (in terms of price) may change the IKEA forever and even destroy the company, it will be another very cheap and not very qualitative retailer from China, but not IKEA anymore. Having chances for gaining Asian market, IKEA may have big threat to loose European and American market. I believe there is always room for improvement, IKEA could enhance services, for example develop of e-commerce, consumers may find Internet shopping preferable, as the Ikea reputation means that they are already assured of the quality and craftsmanship of Ikea products, which is opposed to the present belief of Ikea that customers should be able to feel and check the quality of products before purchase.

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Business health check in hospitality industry

Business health check in hospitality industry 1.0 Introduction 1.1 Aim of the assignment   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  This report is all about business health check in hospitality industry and finding the gaps of the organisation. After finding the gaps giving the appropriate recommendation and giving the action plan as well as time spam. After that how much it will cost to your organisation to implement that action plan.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  As presently I am not working any hospitality related industry therefore I chose to do business health check in Kohinoor continental where I completed my training. 1.2 Organisational introduction The Kohinoor Continental is located at Andheri (East), at a stones throw from Mumbais International Airport and in the midst of the newly developing Business District. It is indeed rare that there exists a business hotel, which enjoys a distinguished patronage such as ours. Therefore during our period of renovation, much as we would have liked to, we could not offer you our hospitality. But now youll agree that the new Kohinoor Continental was well worth the wait. From the moment you enter, youll see that we have spared no expense in order to make your stay as comfortable as possible, with the finest materials imported from all over the world and many aesthetic nuances, which adorn the hotel like jewellery. Accommodation: The ambience and hospitality at Kohinoor Continental match international standards. Each and every one of our 120 rooms is equipped with state-of-the-art lighting and furnishings. The well being of our guests is our main concern. So if theres anything you need at any hour, well get in for you. Be it access to the Internet or a bowl of fresh fruit, no desire of yours is too big or too small. Restaurant: A royal feast awaits your taste buds at Solitaire, the multi-cuisine restaurant at the Kohinoor Continental. Conference and Banquet facilities: With the unique mood lighting in our banquet hall, were sure your parties and conferences here will be evenings to remember. Indeed we had been closed for long but now you might be tempted to stay a little longer in the Kohinoor Continental. We look forward to seeing you soon. Recreation: If you want to unwind after a tiring day, then just melt in our pool or savor a Daiquiri at our bar. Health Fitness Centre: In case you want to work up an appetite then the Health Club and the sauna are just the places for you. The hotel incorporates environmentally friendly measures such as medium density fibre wood for construction materials, and plumbing, electrical, and mechanical systems that conserve water and energy This hotel offers 92 guestrooms and 14 suites in a six-story building. Air-conditioned rooms also come with ceiling fans. Among the amenities are coffee/tea makers, refrigerators, and wireless Internet access. Furnishings are made from environmentally friendly materials. 1.3 What is quality? â€Å"Quality itself has been defined as fundamentally relational: ‘Quality is the ongoing process of building and sustaining relationships by assessing, anticipating, and fulfilling stated and implied needs.'(Richard e. and Daniel k, 1996) As per the ISO quality is providing excellent products and services that all about meeting customer requirements. Its all about meeting the needs and expectations of customers. So a quality product orservice is one that meets the needsandexpectations ofcustomers. (Anon, 1994) Quality defined by as, conformance to the requirements which is the company itself has established for its product based directly on its customers need. (Crosby p,1979) 1.4 What is Quality audit? It has been a long established practice for major industries and sector to carry out on site evaluation of their most important and sub contractors. The quality audit undoubtedly began with customer inspection. These have been typically intended to : To prove technical capability of the establishment the product or service To check that establishment have capacity or not to cope the customer demand To confirm the commercial stability of establishment. To form an opinion as to whether this is the type of establishment that we would like to do business with. 1.5 Why is it necessary? It is a management tool covering services, products, equipment and financial aspect of a property. Most guests have no time to give feedback, or give only negative comments on one aspect of their experience. It measures and ensures service standard consistency within a chain/group. It identifies staff training needs and rewards. It identifies cost cutting efficiencies. Used for long term benchmarking data. 2.0 Quality audit for Kohinoor continental How you conduct the quality audit? Presently I am not working in hospitality industry therefore I chose Kohinoor continental for my quality audit. As I completed my training from there, so its easy to me to do the quality audit of Kohinoor Continental. In Kohinoor I worked most in bar therefore I chose bar section. Name of the bar Baryl club No of covers- 44   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  For quality audit purpose I have called to Bar manager and bar tender and asked several question regarding quality audit. 3.0 The gaps in Bar of Kohinoor Continental Lack of upselling The service personnel dont have any knowledge about upselling. Product out of stock- Sometime due negligence of steward, bar tender forgot to order the items which are low in stock. Therefore sometime we have to tell to our guest stock out of stock. No proper crowd management- Actually Baryl club offering heavy discount to there customer therefore there was very rush in the evening time. and its has only capacity of 40 cover at a time therefore crowd just roaming in the lobby and there is no one to handle that crowd from bar. Also there is no one for advanced booking. No proper storage area and very small pantry- In Baryl club pantry itself in the bar where we stored snacks (peanuts, wafers) some bottles of wine, beer, whisky etc. Also in pantry there is account department for bar section so its very congested to work. The pantry area is so small only two person can stand properly therefore its very difficult to work in peak hours. Less staff in bar- Although Baryl club has capacity for 40 covers only 2 peoples were there to serve them. Also there is no one to take the advanced bookings. Its difficult for staff to take the order and place the order and also take care the new guest. Also kitchen area is very far from bar section therefore if one bar personnel was busy to pick up the order from kitchen its very difficult for other to mange in the bar. I completed my training in bar therefore I observed these gaps during my training period. 4.0 Recommendation I am planning to fill the above gaps with PDSA model which is commonly used in hospitality industry. (Wiseman B. 2005) PLAN- it is the test how you are going to work. DO-how you are going to carry out the plan STUDY-look what are the result, what can you improve, what are your mistake. ACT- It is the designs time what are you going to do. 4.1 Recommendations on above gaps: Upselling- Recommendation for this to give your staff proper training for upselling. So they can also know what benefit of upselling is and also help them to earn some tips. Bar manager can also show some upselling practically so they can understand easily. Product out of stock-Recommendation for this is Bar manager have to keep eye on stock list so they can also order for stock without intimation of steward. Also Bar manager can check stock list in every 15 days so he is also aware about the stock in bar. Crowd management- Recommendation for this management H.R department have to hire a service personnel or public relation officer for bar so he/she can handle the crowd properly and also take the bookings on phone. Also management can keep separate area in lobby for those people who are waiting for table inn the bar. So they can wait in that area without disturbing front office staff. Storage area- Recommendation for this will be management can shift account department in the restaurant (where they already have account dept for restaurant) from bar and keep the that area fully utilised for bar purpose so that more stock can stacked properly and also no complaint about the lack of stock. After that during the billing we can give all KOTs to cashier in the restaurant and he can give us the proper bill and at the end of the shift we can handover the cash and all bills to cashier. Less staff in bar-Its very difficult to handle bar with only 2 staff therefore recommendation for this is management can recruit 1 or 2 more staff so its very easy to handle during the rush hours. 4.2 Action plan as per the recommendation and time spam Upselling-For upselling management can give proper training to food and beverage staff. The bar manager or the senior person can give proper training because of there experience. The training can held in the afternoon time when there is less rush or in the morning time when there is no guest in the bar. The manager have to show the upselling tactics practically so that they can understand it very easily and the will also try do upsellings. The training is for only once or twice in a week for a month. The one month period is enough to learn the upselling. Product of out of stock- Actually this is bar tenders duty to keep eye on the stock list. But due to negligence of bar tender some time products are of of stock. The solution for this is bar manager can check the stock list once in a fifteen days and he can also give the intimation to bartender about the stock. Another plan is they can save the stock list in computer and check the stock whenever the want and order as per the convenient. Crowd management-To fill this gap the H.R department have to appoint a public relation officer (P.R) for bar who can take the advance booking for bar and also control the crowd during the rush hours in bar. To appoint the P.R 15-20 days are enough after giving advertisement in newspaper or in job searching site. The P.R will also help in the bar to fill the tent cards asking the guest about the service and other things also like quality of food etc. Storage area- To fulfil this gap management have to shift the account dept of bar in the restaurant where they will see the accounts of restaurant as well as bar. The restaurant already have accounts therefore it doesnt take time for shifting purpose. But it will take 1 week to settle down there. After that in bar management have to make some storage shelves and proper area to stack the all items therefore this also take 1week time. Less staff in bar- For this gap H.R department have to recruit a steward or one more bar tender who will help service personnel from the bar. This will also take 15-20 days to recruit. One more option for H.R is they can hire the steward on temporary basis during the rush hours of the bar instead of hiring a permanent staff. For example they can hire a student form a hotel management college to work in the evening time. so it will save the cost as compare to hiring the a permanent staff. 4.3 Cost factor Upselling- As bar manager is giving the training during his duty hours so it doesnt cost to organisation. Product out of stock- This is covered in duty activity therefore this also doesnt cost anything. Crowd management- This will cost for organisation to pay the P.R staff. Storage area- This will cost only less amount to make proper shelves in storage area. Less staff in bar- This will cost as hiring of new personnel. 5.0 Bibliography Richard E. and Daniel K.(1996). Organisational orientation. Reference to: http://www.qualitydigest.com/html/qualitydef.html. (Accessed on 22 June 2008) Crosby P.(1979). Mini tutorial quality functional deployment. Reference to: (Accessed on 22 June 2008) Reference to:http//www.praxiom.com/iso-definition.htm#Quality. (Accessed on 22 June, 2008)

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Cystic Fibrosis :: essays research papers

Cystic Fibrosis   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Cystic Fibrosis, is a genetic disorder of the exocrine glands, affecting children and young people; median survival is 25 years in females and 30 years in males. It is caused by a genetic abnormality in the CF transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) gene that results in the disruption of chloride transfer across cell membranes. As a consequence, chloride ions build up in the cells of the lungs and other organs. Water stays inside the cells to dilute the chloride rather than being drawn out of the cells by normal chloride movement and the normal secretions of the organs thicken. Mucus in the exocrine glands becomes thick and sticky and eventually blocks the ducts of these glands (especially in the pancreas, lungs, and liver), forming cysts. The disease also causes the sweat glands to secrete excessive salt, causing heat prostration in hot weather. Symptoms, which vary according to the severity of the condition and the glands involved, include a distended abdomen ; diarrhea; bulky, foul-smelling stools; and malnutrition. Medical problems include nasal polyps and sinus disease, repeated respiratory infections, infertility, liver disease, and diabetes. Diagnosis is confirmed by a sweat test or measurement of transmembrane potential. Treatment consists of dietary adjustment (low fat—high calorie) and the administration of vitamins, pancreatin, and antibiotics to ward off secondary infections. Special measures are necessary to decrease the viscosity of pulmonary secretions; aerosol application of recombinant human DNA, an enzyme that digests the sticky extra cellular DNA that helps form these viscous secretions, was approved in 1993. In some cases lung transplantation is helpful. The identification of the abnormal gene (1989) paved the way for gene therapy aimed at altering the genetic structure by transferring to the patient cells with normal CFTR genes.

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The Role of Communication in the Animal Industry :: Animal Sciences Essays

The Role of Communication in the Animal Industry The animal industry is a growing field of interest, and in this growing field lies the value of communication. Communication plays a crucial role in Animal Science through written, oral, visual, and electronic communication. These types of communication are also useful when it comes to job searching. Dr. Brad Skaar shared with me his views on the value of communication in the discipline of Animal Science. Animal Science places a great value on communication. Dr. Skaar shared that he felt communication was very important, and since technology in the field of Animal Science is rapidly expanding he feels that an even greater emphasis is put on communication. Skaar provided the example of professionals being able to communicate the important technological lingo to users or stakeholders. In this sense I feel communicating with others in Animal Science, as well as those throughout the agricultural division is a crucial part of our lives today as technology increases. Different types of communication are used to relay messages to others throughout the field. These types of communication include written, oral, visual, and electronic styles. Dr. Skaar expressed that when it comes to means of communication, it really is dependant upon the target audience. He felt that visual communication was dramatically critical, and that most times this form of communication was left up to the advertisers. He conveyed that oral communication as well as written, are used mostly in teaching. Althoug! h they are used to explain, justify and clarify, thus being a vital part of the Animal Science discipline. Skaar did express that electronic communication was no less important than the rest, and it was becoming a bigger part in the industry. I agree with Dr. Skaar’s views on these areas of communication, and I feel that as technology evolves, a bigger emphasis will be placed upon electronic communication. When it comes to finding a job in the field of animal science, there are three main ways to go about searching. These three ways are networking, websites, and professional journals. These three methods of communicating position openings are all very different. Dr. Skaar made the remark that the primary way to locate a job would be through networking. He goes on to say, â€Å"It’s who you know.† Experience, as well as internships, are helpful and well worth the time and effort. Dr. Skaar al! so stated that websites and professional journals are currently not the most reliable sources of job finding.

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The man we call Benjamin Franklin

The aim of this paper is to compare and contrast the websites on Ben Franklin’s biography and his autobiography. While disseminating the life of Benjamin Franklin through his autobiography, one learns much about the man. However when disseminating information found in the three websites below, another man slowly creeps out from behind the man already revealed. Which one is the real Benjamin Franklin? While observing the cornucopia of a man one learns that only by the process of comparing and contrasting will one be able to fix a solid face on the man we call Benjamin Franklin. All the websites addressed in this paper share common subject matter yet are different in terms of analytical approach and main focus. The biography by Edmund S. Morgan calls upon the reader to reconsider traditional assumptions about Benjamin Franklin and move away from standardized cliches. While he is best known as the author of the Declaration of Independence, the Treaty of Peace with Great Britain, and the Constitution, these weren’t his main achievements; furthermore, the documents (with the exception of the Declaration of Independence) didn’t reflect his views and beliefs.However, this shouldn’t lead to the conclusion that Franklin was a not-so-important figure in the American history. Rather than that, the author suggests that Franklin should be applauded for other achievement and traits of character: ‘His was probably the most brilliant mind that most people who knew him had ever met, but he seldom showed it in public†¦[H]is mind would be quietly at work, trying to understand the world and the people he found in it, thinking of ways to make their lives easier’ (Morgan, 2005, para. 4). Edmund S.Morgan believes that one of the major contributions of Benjamin Franklin was through his writings. Also, more attention should be paid to Franklin’s role as an advocate for American interests in England. In general, the biography tries to present a softer side of Franklin’s personality: ‘It may be well at first to dispel the image of him as an overweight scholar peering from his desk over the bifocal glasses he invented’ (Morgan, 2005, para. 8). PBS website also tries to reveal Ben Franklin’s personality to the readers. The website focuses on multiple identities Franklin possessed — both as a public figure and personality.The website glorifies Franklin as Abolitionist, Almanac maker, Advertiser, Balloon enthusiast, Bifocals inventor, Composer, Cartoonist, Civic Citizen, Chess Player, Deist, Diplomat, Daylight Savings advocate, Enlightenment thinker, Electricity pioneer, Experimenter, Entrepreneur, Founding Father, Flirt, Fire fighter, Glass Armonica creator, Gulf Stream mapper, Genius, Humorist, Health nut, Inventor, International celebrity, Insurer, Junto creator, Journalist, Kite flyer, Librarian, Lightning rod inventor, Londoner, Medical Engineer, Militia member, Mathematician, M ason, Natural philosopher, Organizer (militia, fire dept., street cleaning), Odometer maker, Printer, Public relations master, Publisher, Prankster, Questioner, Quartermaster, Quintessential American, Revolutionary, Reader, Scientist, Swimmer, Self-made man, Traveler, Treaty signer, University builder, Volunteer, Visionary, Vegetarian (temporarily), Writer, Weight lifter, Xenophile, Young prodigy, Yankee, Yarn spinner, and Zealot. Perhaps the most interesting out of all these epithets is ‘Quintessential American.’ The website tries to paint a picture of Franklin as a typical representative of the American nation and a symbol of all its virtues and achievements, such as Self-education, Physical Activity, and Moral Perfection. At the same time, the website acknowledges that Benjamin Franklin was no ordinary man, since he possessed outstanding qualities and skills. It is suggested that Ben Franklin helped define the concept of ‘good citizenship’ through his in volvement in and commitment to community on the local level and the nation on the global level:‘Ben Franklin believed that people volunteering together in a spirit of cooperation could accomplish great things. Driven by a strong sense of civic duty, he involved himself in his community and his nation’ (PBS, 2002, ‘Citizen Ben,’ para. 1). The website presents Franklin’s biography in an interactive and engaging way without compromising accuracy and objectivity. The only limitation of this resource is that the information is not well-structured and far from presenting a comprehensive picture.The third website present the most, in my opinion, consistent and informative version of Franklin’s biography. It is structured according to the major periods of Franklin’s life, i. e. ‘Humble Beginnings: Franklin in Boston,’ ‘A True Journeyman: Franklin in Philadelphia,’ ‘A Promise Unfulfilled: Franklin in London,â€⠄¢ ‘Sprouting Roots: Back in Philadelphia,’ ‘A Busy Retirement,’ and ‘The American Patriot: Franklin and Independence.’ Each section of the biography presents all the necessary information without going into unnecessary detail. Another compelling feature of this biography is that it is accompanied with abundant graphical aid. Yet it would be a mistake to say that ThinkQuest presents a dry and scholarly biography of Benjamin Franklin; it offers human touch through little entertaining details about this great man:‘Inspired by his namesake uncle Benjamin, young Ben composed historical ballads (one was about the pirate Blackbeard) that were printed by his brother James in his fledgling print shop. The poems sold well’ (ThinkQuest, 1998, ‘Interesting Facts’). In order to determine how credible a certain piece of information is, it is necessary to analyze the source of this information in terms of legitimacy and possible bia s. Edmund S. Morgan is a well-established historian specializing in early colonial history of America:‘Edmund Morgan has authored dozens of books on Puritan and early colonial history, which are acclaimed for both their scholarly focus and their appeal to a general audience†¦ Morgan, who joined the Yale faculty in 1955 and retired in 1986, has received many†¦honors during his long teaching career at Yale†¦Currently the chair of the board of The Benjamin Franklin Papers—the University's massive project publishing materials related to the Founding Father and inventor—Morgan is now at work on a study of Franklin, who, he believes, is one of the most interesting people who ever lived’ (Gonzalez, 2001).However, excessive admiration with Benjamin Franklin might come as a detriment to impartiality and objectivity — the two essential characteristics of any biographical writing. PBS website has little bias of this kind, however, it is often un clear where the information they are using comes from. There are no references or acknowledgements; no links to any works of Franklin or credible historical evidence is present. While Edmund S. Morgan extensively refers to Franklin’s own works, PBS website presents a simplified and pared-down version of Franklin biography. ThinkQuest is the only website that cites its references in an appropriate way.The authors of the biography acknowledge that they based their writing on such publications as Benjamin Franklin by Carl Van Doren, The Man Who Dared the Lightning-A New Look at Benjamin Franklin by Thomas Fleming, The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, Ben Franklin Laughing by P. M. Zall, Benjamin Franklin: Founding Father and Inventor by Leila Merrell Foster, and a number of other books and media resources. ThinkQuest is also an interesting information resource since it provides a sound general overview of the historical conditions existing in America in Franklin’s time s.The website offers definition of different historical phenomena that are important for the general narrative, such as King George I, French and Indian War (1754-1763), and other. All the biographies present a certain picture of colonial America: through the life career of Benjamin Franklin, it is possible to understand tense relations between Europe and America, heated debate around the issue of slavery, and the rise of American identity and civil consciousness. However, the most credible source of information on Franklin’s life and times is his autobiography.This autobiography is of great relevance to the modern reader, and not merely for the reason that it provides an insight into the life of Benjamin Franklin. In his autobiography, Franklin shares his thoughts as to the organization of state and society, role of the citizens, position of America on the world’s stage and other matters of great interest and importance even for the modern reader. For example, he expr esses concerns over the clash between religion and civil notion of citizenship, as he recollects that English were trying to plant certain religious ideas in America:‘[S]ince not a single moral principle was inculcated or enforc'd, their aim seeming to be rather to make us Presbyterians than good citizens (Franklin, 2003, p. 66). ‘As for additional and types of sources, that would give greater confidence in your understanding Franklin, it is necessary to mention Franklin’s writings in the first place. As Edmund S. Morgan (2005, para. 5) correctly points out, ‘[i]n the awesome bulk of his papers, equivalent of 47 fat volumes of print, all available on this website, we can see Franklin whole.’ Additional insight can be gained from reviewing resources dedicated to the American colonial history: greater understanding of conditions and developments of that era can aid the process of enhancing knowledge about Benjamin Franklin as a statesman, scientist, and outstanding public figure. References Franklin, Benjamin. (2003). The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. New York: Touchstone. Gonzalez, Susan. (January 12, 2001). ‘Edmund S. Morgan: Sterling Professor Emeritus. ’ Retrieved September 5, 2007, from http://www.yale. edu/history/faculty/morgan. html Morgan, Edmund S. (2005). ‘Introduction to the Papers of Benjamin Franklin. ’ Retrieved September 5, 2007, from http://www. franklinpapers. org/franklin/framedMorgan. jsp;jsessionid=86AD99C9931B8DF535D2C1CD6A1E6923 PBS. (2002). ‘Benjamin Franklin. ’ Retrieved September 5, 2007, from http://www. pbs. org/benfranklin/ ThinkQuest. (1998). ‘The Biography of Benjamin Franklin. ’ Retrieved September 5, 2007, from http://library. thinkquest. org/22254/home. htm

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Directory Viruses

There are many ways to sabotage a computer. Some malicious programs create software that automatically replicates itself and spreads throughout a computer's file system to destroy it later. One of these virus types is called the Directory Virus. From its name itself, one can know that it attacks the directory and file system of a computer. The computer uses a large file that contains information about its subdirectories and files. It includes information such as the starting cluster, the name, the time and date it was created or modified, attributes such as being read-only, and other information.Every time a file needs to be accessed, it searches for the directory entry and the starting cluster, an index to the File Allocation Table or FAT. All the other cluster addresses are in the FAT. So a Directory Virus infects clusters and allocates it in the FAT. It then targets other clusters and infects other files. The destructive code is usually with executable files such as the ones endin g with . EXE or . COM. The location or paths to the computer's files will then be changed by the Directory Virus so that it can infect other files.This will be done transparently, without the user's knowledge, until the original files will be impossible to find. Eventually, the user's files become useless (Spam Laws, 2009). In May 1991, the DIR II virus was discovered first in Bulgaria. It is also known as Creeping Death and was written by the same programmers who coded the DIR, MG and Shake viruses. At that time, it was considered to be unique since directory viruses were still unknown. It changed directory entries only and did not change the files (Hypponen, 2010).It was eventually followed by variants such as the DIR III and DIR BYWAY viruses. The BYWAY virus appeared first in mid 1995 in Venezuala, but was possibly authored by a Chinese programmer named Wai Chan since the code is signed â€Å"By Wai Chan† (PR Newswire, 1995). It is similar to the DIR II family of viruses but alters the technique slightly by modifying directories and cross linking executable files to point to a file named CHKLISTx. MSx, containing the viral code (Paris, 2010).The BYWAY virus has an interesting story since it reveals that people from different countries often disguise themselves using other countries. The Chinese search engine, Baidu, for example was attacked by malware that showed an Iranian flag, but Baidu doubts that it was Iranian. They believe that it was American hackers who did it. In the same way, the BYWAY virus claims that it was authored by Wai Chan on August 1994. And then when the virus is triggered, it pops out a message saying, â€Å"Trabajemos Todos Por Venezuela† which means, â€Å"We are all working for Venezuela.†It also plays music simultaneously, mimicking the Venezuelan national anthem. But it is likely that the real author is neither Venezuelan nor Chinese since crooks are not likely to leave their calling cards at the scene of the crime. It is also possible to remove the virus without using disinfecting software. Simply rename all . COM and . EXE files with non-executable extensions. The virus will automatically correct the FAT. Then reboot using a clean boot disk to remove the virus in memory, and rename everything back to its executable extensions.Do this for all hard disk partitions and the virus will be removed. Unfortunately, because viruses are popularly known to wreak havoc on computers, there is an urban myth propagating in the world that every time a PC doesn't work properly, it is always caused by a virus (Rutter, 1999). However, the fact is that not all PC problems are caused by viruses. There may be manufacturer bugs in the software or incompatibility issues with the hardware or software. Or the computer may simply be malfunctioning like any other electronic device that eventually fails.

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Marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 49

Marketing - Essay Example In addition to Andrew’s competitive market analysis could be seen as a huge opportunity by increasing awareness through a different target audience, product development and to avoid the retaliation of competitors. However stealing competitor’s clients could result in the retaliation of other competitors on the long run and an increase in costs. Overall in this case SPARK has more opportunities than problems to deal with (Quinn, 56). The company tends to spend a lot of money in marketing their services. The aim is to draw the attention of clients who would somewhat not think about insurance. Professionals say a number of people only consider policies when they are befallen with an accident, purchase a new car, move, or renew their current agreement, which normally happens twice a year, at most. This otherwise could led to poor sales profit of the company which has devastating effects to its economic growth. The advertisement mean to be used should be those that can reach the majority of the people. Because of this, SPARK Company lacked correct management where the means used in the advertisement were not of availability to all the esteemed and prospective customers. This reduced their selling power hence a reduction in the profits gained by the company. This calls for a changing in its strategic management so that newer ways could be obtained to facilitate maximum publicity so as all the clients can be reached a nd may develop interests in investing with the company (Quinn, 78). The reduction in interest earned by the company is articulated to poor management and management strategy taken by the company in the advertising sector. The advertisement is always the key to any business. This is because advertisement is always the selling strategy of the company as it helps publicize itself to its prospective customers. For any business organization or firm, advertisement helps to bring